Knowing the value of your medical equipment is important information to have whether your facility is involved in an expanding business relationship, you are selling equipment, or need to know the value of equipment for lease buyouts just to name a few. Having an accurate value of your equipment can allow you to make better financial decisions and put you in a better position for the ongoing management of those assets. If you do decide to pursue an appraisal of your medical equipment, it is also important to partner with a professional who understands the current market and can provide the needed information to help your facility make sound business decisions. 

With over 275,000 assets appraised in our 13-year history, we have the market knowledge and data to provide accurate valuations for our customers. Whether it is one piece of equipment or 1,000, we can work with you to provide an appraisal that fits your specific needs. Are you ready to get started? Visit our website and click the “request appraisal button” icon to take you to our custom appraisal form.  If you have a more detailed request, give us a call or email us from the Contact Us page and we will get back with you shortly.