MERC serves healthcare providers by using data, analytics, and staff resources to optimize the value of their medical equipment throughout it’s lifecycle

Our Services

Transition Planning

We manage the de-installation, relocation, & re-installation of medical equipment transitioning to the new location


Customer Service

Customer service is at the core of who we are as a company. Our goal is once you select MERC’s services for the first time, we become your permanent choice.

Over 50 Years of Combined Experience

Our team has a wealth of experience, exclusively in healthcare. Several members have worked with providers – we are one of you.

Data & Analytics

MERC maintains a proprietary database and provides customers with analytics specific to their needs that help drive data-backed decisions.

Healthcare Inventory Experts

Over 13 years, MERC has inventoried over 415,000 assets in Acute and Non-Acute facilities across the U.S.

Knowledgeable Appraisers

MERC has provided asset appraisals totaling over $274,000,000 for clients in all venues of care.

Hands-On Approach

Integrating our hands-on project management approach with the understanding of healthcare delivery and collaborating with your team provides accountable results in harmony with your operations.