Valuation of Medical Equipment

The American Society of Appraisers defines appraisal as “an opinion of value”. In business, some opinions are worth more than others. The more worthy opinions are formed with volumes of experience that contributes to expertise. That opinion must be developed by process, and built on information.

When you work with MERC, you are working with appraisers that have a defined process of due diligence and have access to many thousands of valuation data points. Their work includes the valuation of over a quarter of a million assets with an appraised value of over $450,000,000. This work is healthcare exclusive, has been performed all across the country, and in nearly every venue of care.

Not every medical appraisal is for Fair Market Value. Sometimes it is important to consider liquidation values, wholesale value, the value of a trade-in, or the future value of an asset over time. Each of these values can be used to project financial outcomes and to provide much better information for future business decisions and actions.

Whatever your reason is for requiring a valuation, whether there is a need to appraise hundreds of pieces in preparation for a new business relationship, or the need to understand the economic value of a specific unit for asset lifecycle management, MERC will provide you with an accurate opinion of value. That opinion will be developed with proven processes, proprietary data, and expertise developed from years and volumes of medical appraisals.