Informed Redeployment – On Time Relocation

Transition Planning is the informed selection of existing assets for redeployment and their relocation to a new space.  While that is a short definition, there is a lot going on to make this happen.

To make an informed decision, one should use more than an educated guess on whether an asset should be re-used.  MERC provides metrics to support decision-making to help customers avoid moving assets that do not have sufficient remaining life or value to justify relocation.  Additionally, whether MERC is Equipment Planning your project, or someone else is, this list of vetted assets becomes not only the basis for the the Transition Plan, it is an important part of the Equipment Plan.

Each asset that is redeploying has a story to tell.  Everything from size, shape, weight, utility and data connections, where it fits in the project schedule, move sequences, place of origin and destination are all considerations for relocating that asset.  Clearly, this effort is multiplied by many, sometimes several thousand assets.  It is important to have medical equipment expertise and experience like MERC in place that knows what questions to ask and where to get the answers to develop and coordinate this plan.

The redeployed equipment is to be moved, delivered and re-installed into it’s new space.  Testing and certification may need to be performed and tracked.  MERC is there to let you know when the existing equipment is in place and ready for use.

Simply stated, the goal is to have every asset that should move in place and operational on schedule; and, to make sure that items that should not move do not migrate to the new location.  That’s what we do, we are part of the team that makes your new space fully functional for patient care.