Clinical Experience Supporting Customer Goals

When it comes to providing excellent care for your patients while maintaining an eye towards the bottom line, you want someone in your corner that has your viewpoint and shared experience.  Together then, you are able to plan for the best technology while staying within the budget. MERC combines expertise in equipment lifecycle and asset management with our equipment planning services, taking an approach that is unique in the marketplace.

Starting with an in-depth understanding of the equipment portfolio, we coordinate with project stakeholders, vendors, architects, and clinical staff/administration to plan for the new and existing equipment you need to have prepared for and installed in the new patient care space.  In addition to this vital equipment planning process, when the facility is complete, our team can also manage the activation of the new equipment, the transition and relocation of the existing equipment, as well as managing the frequently overlooked surplus equipment that will no longer be utilized.

Building or expanding a healthcare facility is a challenge and requires a coordinated effort.  By selecting MERC, you not only get an experienced and customer oriented team that has clinical resources.  You also get a comprehensive approach to your project that results in an asset portfolio that is right sized in terms of costs, and is functional and sustainable when operations are ready to begin.

What We Offer

Whether it’s evaluating existing or planning new equipment, we work to make sure your project is equipped to open on time and at or below budget.

MERC medical equipment planning services include:

  • Initial site visit for detailed evaluation of existing equipment
  • Accurate analysis and budget of new equipment needs
  • Proper and timely utility coordination to avoid costly mistakes and delays
  • Work closely with vendors to get the best price for new equipment
  • Procurement, logistics, and installation management
  • The transition and activation of existing equipment to the new facility
  • Recovered value from selling or donating surplus assets
  • Research and educate staff on new, advanced equipment
  • Serve as point-of-contact to staff, administration, architects, vendors, and contractors

Equipment Planning Questions?

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