Medical Equipment Liquidation


At MERC we define liquidation of assets as when they are sold, disposed of, or donated.  There are many ways and avenues to liquidate medical equipment and assets, but getting a trusted resource is crucial to help your organization maximize value, time, and a need based solution.  The following are considerations for selecting a medical equipment consultant to support your liquidation to fit needs:

Custom-Fit Approach

Look for a consultant that is willing to build a solution to fit your needs.  Sometimes companies are so cookie cutter in their approach that they forget they are providing a service to their customer.  Look for a reasonable approach that fits into your budget, timing, and organizational needs and objectives.  A consultant is willing to customize a solution for your organization rather than force a one-size-fits-all approach.

Integrated  Getting your medical equipment consultant integrated into the timing of your liquidation enables greater success.  The knowledge of when devices become available is as important as what devices are becoming available for liquidation.  A consultant tuned into timing and availability will be better able to meet your goals of selling or donating medical equipment.

Methodology  Your consultant’s approach to selling or donating equipment is going to be developed after they are fully informed of your needs and then can develop a sales strategy by leveraging selling tactics and industry connections to get your equipment sold for the best price consistent with your timelines.

Be Realistic

It is natural to expect or hope for a windfall when selling your equipment; however, your equipment is subject to market influences similar to selling any other used asset.  Sometimes you get more than expected – sometimes you don’t.  Work with an equipment consultant that will help you set realistic expectations considering the equipment to be sold and the timeline for selling.


Find a medical equipment consultant to handle your liquidation that is straightforward and honest.  Insist on tracking and documentation.  Work with a consultant who is there to provide you a solution that will create value and is mutually beneficial to both parties.