Why View?

Not only has the spread of the Coronavirus recalibrated the way visiting or working in a healthcare facility is looked at, but technology has also created opportunities to reduce or eliminate the need for staff to be on-site. Hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics still have to manage and understand their asset portfolios to better optimize the lifecycle and value of their equipment. Now with MERC’s Virtual Inventory & Evaluation Workplan (VIEW) services, you can keep those initiatives moving forward with less impact to operations. Below are three reasons why a VIEW inventory is valuable to your facility:

  • Eliminates or reduces the need for MERC staff to be on-site. This helps by reducing operational, staff, and logistical interruptions in a dynamic patient care environment.
  • In many cases, the reduction or elimination of a site visit will help save the facility money
  • Accuracy and a high-quality deliverable are uncompromised. We know what it takes to record the necessary information to deliver quality solutions whether we step in the facility or not.

Utilizing technology to lessen the impact of a MERC site visit has long been at the forefront of our minds. With VIEW now taking shape and becoming an expansion of our existing service line, we are excited to share with customers the years of development and capability that can help them optimize the value of their medical equipment in an innovative way.