What Can an Inventory Tell You About Your Equipment?

Performing a house-wide medical equipment inventory does more than record information and numbers. That inventory’s results will give you a broader idea of your medical asset’s remaining life when done with the correct approach. You not only will get an idea of where your assets are located and verify what you have in your facility but can now begin the steps to better asset management and capital planning with the metrics the inventory can provide.

At MERC, our goal is to provide our customers the most accurate inventory possible.  With that process complete and an equipment condition assessment provided, an Estimated Remaining Useful Life (ERUL) evaluation on your equipment portfolio can be developed.  This data will provide your facility with real, market-driven information about what to expect from the medical equipment lifespans and where the portfolio has strengths and weaknesses.  MERC works with your staff to gain insight into the reliability of the equipment, which makes for more informed assessments and develops a more accurate projection of future use.  With this information capital planning can be done more effectively.

From this point, you have needed data that can help you make better purchasing and planning decisions.  For example, the inventory finds that your fleet of stretchers is aging and their ERUL across the board is rather low at between 18 – 36 months.  Biomed and patient care staff information shows these items are in need of consistent upkeep.  Now you know that stretchers are a weak spot and can plan for replacement.  At this point you can begin the process of developing a capital strategy, determining when and from whom to purchase, possible trade-in plan or secondary market sale, and planning your capital spend effectively.  Without the inventory, assessment, ERUL and data derived from this process this planning would not have been as identifiable, and timing and market leverage not as effective.  

Is your medical facility in need of a medical equipment inventory and condition assessment? MERC can help you take the necessary steps to better asset management and capital planning.  Be sure to check out our inventory page for more information.  As always, contact us for a consultation and any questions you may have.