Three Reasons Why Timely Equipment Liquidation is Important During Healthcare Facility Transitions

When a transition takes place at a hospital or other healthcare facility, it can trigger many knock-on effects.  Frequently one of these is the need to liquidate surplus medical equipment, other assets or supplies. Getting this right is a crucial step that can have a big impact on the success of your transition. Here are three reasons liquidation during a facility transition is important.

Eliminating Excess – Eliminating excess medical equipment, assets and supplies is often necessary because items are being purchased for the new location.  Excess equipment carries costs in terms of decreased efficiency, storage and labor for employees to move and handle items. This can reduce time available for patient care, which is the organization’s priority and mission.

Recovery of Value – The recuperation of value is also a benefit of liquidating equipment during the transition project.  A transition project at a healthcare facility involves costs and a commitment to spend money on logistics, planning and other services to make sure it is a success.  Liquidating some of the equipment that will either be replaced or no longer needed at the new facility is a way to recover some of expenditures.  Medical equipment usually only sells for a fraction of its acquisition costs, but every dollar helps.

Lowering Logistics Costs – When a transition occurs, logistics costs are inevitable. Movers, transition specialists and vendor liaisons will be required to facilitate the process.  When liquidation takes place during the transition, you not only recuperate some of the costs, but you avoid the costs of moving items and selling them after the fact. Moving an item once is expensive enough; moving it twice when you decide later the item is surplus is an avoidable expense. In addition, liquidating equipment during transition can also help cut moving costs if the item is purchased and removed by the buyer.

Liquidation as a result of a transition project has its benefits.  MERC has helped customers with this process and would enjoy speaking to you about your specific needs.  Feel free to contact us; we look forward to helping you with a custom-fit approach