Taking the Next Steps with Estimated Remaining Useful Life

Estimated Remaining Useful Life (ERUL) – An estimate of the time (in months) a device may be used and 1) Still be expected to be reliable; or, 2) Not be obsolete; or, 3) Not have consumed most or all if its market value

MERC utilizes ERUL to help healthcare facilities plan, optimize, and properly value their medical equipment portfolios. In addition to an inventory, performing an ERUL evaluation is the correct metric to helping hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics gain more information about their equipment. When you know what you have, the next step is making plans to utilize and optimize the life of that equipment. ERUL is the metric that takes you from a basic inventory to asset management and analytics.

To learn more about how Estimated Remaining Useful life assessments of medical equipment can help your facility, contact us.