Success Story: Closing a Facility – Need Valuation?

In January of 2024, the MERC team worked with one of our regular customers on a unique situation – a closing facility that needed to understand the value of their medical equipment and furniture assets. This facility was recently remodeled with much of the equipment being more recent purchases with plenty of useful life remaining. Different circumstances required the need for the facility to close down operations, but what was the plan for the equipment inside? MERC partnered with the healthcare system managing the process to get an understanding of what was there and what the value of it was. This helped facilitate any sale or future use of the equipment and furniture assets.

Project Statistics:
– January 2024
– 4 OR’s
– Over 15,000 square feet
– Over $1.6 million in appraised value
– Over 850 assets
– Site work complete in less than 4 hours
– Project finished ahead of deadline