Success Story: 16 Surgery Centers in 4 Days

In 2022, MERC was tasked with a large inventory and valuation project of nearly 20 surgery centers. While several of these were in other regions, 16 of the sites were in Maryland. With the help of the ASC administrators and staff in the Maryland locations, our team was able to complete all 16 site inventories in just four days. This record still stands for MERC today. We owe this to the incredible staff and site coordinators that helped make this possible – with an assist to the state of Maryland for not being very big and commutes between sites being relatively short. This process helped a surgery center management firm acquire and manage a major urology group with a large footprint in the Baltimore and Washington DC area.

Project Statistics:
– 16 ASC’s
– 4 Days to complete
– Baltimore, Washington DC metro areas
– Urology Group acquisition
– Over 5000 assets inventoried on entire project
– Over $9,000,000 appraised on entire project