Q&A on Transition Planning

Recently MERC finished a project in Houston, Texas consulting on a surgery center transition to a new facility attached to an existing hospital and closure of the original site. MERC also consulted with a large children’s hospital in Colorado on a transition of several key departments moving inside of their expanded facility.The move of the surgery center and children’s hospital both had complex steps and moving parts, so engaging a medical equipment consultant to plan the transition was essential.In this process as well as other past projects, MERC has come up with several questions and answers for transitioning a surgery center or hospital:

What medical equipment do you have to transition?

Understanding what you have and what to do with your medical equipment is a key initiative in a surgery center or hospital closure and transition.  Choices must be made to re-use, sell, donate or dispose of the medical equipment that a surgery center or hospital has.  Each one of these choices require different actions for each device, so having a medical equipment consultant to help guide you through the steps is needed to make sure your facility is getting the most out of what you have.

When will you move?

If you don’t know when your surgery center or hospital is relocating, you have a moving target.  A target that is set makes it easier for all stakeholders to reach the goal.  This also is integral in making the decisions on when to de-install, move, re-install or liquidate medical equipment.

Has there been a mover selected?

Knowing who is going to move your medical equipment is a must.  You don’t want to wait to the last second and find out that there is no way “we can just move it ourselves”.  There is liability issues, labor, operational disruption and “hassle” involved in trying to handle it all on your own.  MERC can help you select the right mover and coordinate with them as on your behalf to achieve an efficient, affordable, and safe move for your surgery center or hospital.

When will the new surgery center/hospital open?

A lot like move timing, opening day is even more important.  When a scheduled opening for a hospital or surgery center is set by the administration, you have to meet the timelines.  It is also a needed element or target to keep the transition moving forward.  This helps all project stakeholders plan for lead times in things like equipment move, equipment liquidation, closure, and clean out of both sides of the transition.

Is there a transition “path” for all of the medical equipment?

As your medical equipment consultant we establish a path for every device, moving or not.  For items that are moving, MERC works with the facility to contact and coordinate with vendors, installers, OEM’s and movers to make sure that your deadlines are set and tracks that they are being met.For devices that are not moving, a path is established that leads to redistribution, sale or disposal, consistent with your project schedule.

A Transition Plan is a detailed and specific schedule developed to make sure your vital medical equipment is available and on time for patient care in your new area.Aligning the moving of your medical equipment your plans for patient care in your new space is crucial for success.