Patient Satisfaction: An Equipment Consultant Initiative?

At the end of the day a hospital is run like a business enterprise. One of the key factors in business is customer service and in healthcare, those customers are the patients. In recent years healthcare providers have taken a serious look at patient satisfaction and efforts have been made to ensure that their customers, the patients, are receiving quality healthcare. It may sound odd to think that an equipment consultant would be part of a patient satisfaction initiative, but when your work revolves around the equipment and individuals that deliver care it is vital that you embrace the initiative. Below are two ways that MERC supports and contributes to the patient satisfaction initiative:

First, when MERC is on-site at a facility and performing inventory, assessment, or transition services, frequently there is interaction with areas that are sensitive with patient information and patients themselves. Our team is HIPAA compliant and very aware of the sensitivities that are associated with patient care. Not only do we comply, but our team focuses on treating both caregivers and patients with respect and privacy throughout the facility. We have developed a number of tactics to minimize out impact to operations and clinical care. Our focus is not to come and just do our job, but to integrate ourselves into the facility and it’s procedures thereby contributing to quality patient care.

Second, consulting with healthcare providers about their medical equipment and assets has effect on patient satisfaction. When assisting a facility with lifecycle management of an asset, you are providing a service that helps the facility with profitability and asset management. This correlates to proper maintenance, proper utilization, technology updates, and the planned replacement of obsolete equipment. Each one of these factors contribute to positive patient care, and how the patient care is delivered and perceived by the patient themselves.

Our customers are focused on patient satisfaction, so our team is as well. Whether that is helping to contribute to patient satisfaction in the environment where patients and visitors are present, or in consulting services that empower organizations with data to mange their assets, MERC is committed to helping healthcare providers achieve their goals of patient satisfaction. If you would like to learn more about MERC services, please contact us today.