Outside the Box

Asset management and capital replacement strategies are financially significant for a healthcare system.  Millions of dollars are being allocated and profitability, reliability, and clinical efficacy are at the forefront of consensus decisions.  At MERC, we think “outside of the box” and look at things in a perspective that drives value – even when it isn’t “by the book”.  Through the years we’ve learned from our data that the old adage of “let’s drive the wheels off of this device” often leads to negative equity – spending significant amounts of the capital budget to have equipment decommissioned when replaced.  We have also learned that timing is critical and capital requirements should be made with market data.  These analytics lead to prioritization of spend, proactively guiding replacement strategies and selecting the appropriate timing of replacement that drives value for the organization.  MERC recognizes that these strategies aren’t traditional, but they provide the greatest leverage and financial predictability and stability.  If you would like to learn more about MERC’s asset management and capital planning strategies and analytics, contact us today.