MERC Services During Covid-19

Everyone knows that healthcare was one of the hardest impacted sectors across the world during the current Covid-19 pandemic. Facilities, employees, vendors, and patients have all felt the squeeze of tighter restrictions and changes in how we all interact. During this time, MERC has adapted as well as dug in harder to proven methods that we have used to help provide our services with limited impact and a focus on safety.

At MERC, we have always strived to be adaptive and create less of a disturbance to facility operations. Even before the pandemic, we have worked to limit MERC staff interaction in patient care environments during inventory projects. This has become even more important with facility efforts to limit contact and keep patients and providers protected. Although our launch of Virtual Inventory & Evaluation Workplan (VIEW) became materialized shortly after the pandemic, we have been utilizing technology to help limit interaction and disturbance at facilities for years prior.

Our team has also passed training protocols for aseptic principles and bloodborne pathogens. Along with that training, our services are exclusive to healthcare and we adapt to each facility’s requirements for their protocols for safety. Years of experience inside of patient care areas has given us the ability to keep providing exceptional service with little impact to operations and in a safe, healthy manner. Even during these difficult times with a widespread virus, MERC is committed to operating in a way that is safe for the employees and patients in hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics as well as our own team. Managing medical equipment and making financial decisions around those equipment assets does not stop. With those decisions continuing to move forward, you can rely on MERC to be a partner in these initiatives all while maintaining a focus on safety. If you would like to learn more about our inventory services or would like to contact us to learn more about what we can do to help your facility, reach out to us today.