MERC Supplies Medical Equipment and Other Asset Inventory to Support of Hospital Transition in Colorado

Recently, MERC was awarded the opportunity to support a consultant, working with a hospital and network of clinics in Colorado to organize a medical equipment inventory and provide a thorough assessment on all remaining equipment. The hospital is in it’s final stages of transitioning to a new location and working through the process of closing the old facility. While the final closure date was still several months out, many sections were still occupied and in use. Due to the size of this project and the volume of equipment involved, the goal was to stay ahead of the timeline and help provide accurate data for the final closure date.

Our team was tasked with providing the Owner and consultant with the inventory and assessment of assets, identifying the remaining equipment and furnishings and their condition. By knowing which items remain and their current condition, the decision of which items to move to the new location, liquidate or dispose of was able to be determined. This project consisted of over 8,000 items to inventory and was able to be completed within 10 days. In addition to the equipment inventory, we provided representative photos and, in some cases, measurements that associated the equipment for a closer review.

The MERC team was able to complete the on-site portion ahead of schedule, keeping the project within budget and on time. The final deliverables allowed the hospital and equipment planner to make accurate financial decisions regarding their medical equipment needs and the planning of equipment at the new facility.

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