Managing Equipment During Covid-19

The healthcare facility response during the Covid-19 pandemic has been unprecedented. There has been a concerted effort through all venues of care to make sure they are equipped and ready for the potential influx of patients and the specific needs they will have with the virus. This response has likely led to hospitals and other care facilities taking on extra equipment and supplies to meet the potential for demands. Early on we saw a big push for ventilators, staging areas and tents, and entire sections of hospitals being set up to take on a potential surge of patients. Although in many places it was mostly preparatory, the fact that extra equipment and supplies were needed for that preparation likely led to a lack of the typical tracking and management that occurs during typical asset management.

Knowing that equipment was surged to facilities and leaders scrambled to find surplus anywhere they could, gaps in typical inventory management are likely to have taken place. With healthcare now having a better grasp on the virus, the management of those additional or assets is crucial. This is where having an accurate inventory is critical to make sure that keeping track of what you know you have along with the surged equipment is vital to the ongoing financial success of the facility. Equipment assets make up a massive investment and knowing where they are as well as data on their condition, remaining useful life, and value is still important to the business function of a healthcare facility.

Although the focus needed to shift to protecting the population, it is still critical to maintain asset management as best as possible during these times. MERC has performed hundreds of inventories and can help empower your organization with data to assist in these difficult times. Our team is not only healthcare exclusive and understands how delicate patient care can be, but we are experts in providing services that drive sound financial decision making at a facility. We are with you during these times and are there to help make the equipment portfolio management more effective when that may have had to take a back seat to care for patients. Contact us today to find out more about our asset management, inventory, and analytics services.