Liquidation: A Comprehensive Approach

An often-overlooked portion of the equipment portfolio in a new facility expansion is the surplus.  When a new facility is being built or a current facility is expanded, most of the time a portion of the existing equipment is planned for use in the new space.  That equipment is accounted for in the design, transitioned in the move, and installed for utilization when the facility opens.  Frequently though, there is a significant amount of “left-over” equipment from the original facility.  What do you do with those pieces?  Therefore, it is vital to not only have a plan for the items moving to the new facility, the newly installed equipment, but also what to do with the equipment that do not make the cut.  MERC does just that.  Our team provides a comprehensive approach to consulting with the equipment portfolio during the planning and transition process.  We can help you manage the re-assignment of those items internally, their sale to help recuperate funds, donation, and finally responsible disposal if necessary.  If you would like to learn more, please visit us at: