Actionable Data from a Medical Equipment Inventory

Getting a better handle on a hospital or healthcare facility’s equipment portfolio is a common discussion point these days. Facilities are finding out that having inventory data helps them better plan and evaluate their equipment needs, as well as capital spend. The foundation of this process is obtaining the information in an equipment inventory. Traditionally, this inventory is a simple gathering of demographic data. While that is helpful, MERC is taking the inventory deeper to provide more actionable data to help drive value to the customer.

An inventory is often looked at as a menial and labor intensive task to manage or update the asset ledger. At MERC, we are taking that task and adding value with additional insight. When performing an inventory, we regularly include solutions like condition assessment, Estimated Remaining Useful Life, and replacement prioritization. These solutions bring value to the inventory because they enable the healthcare organization to better understand their assets and save significant dollars in capital spend. How? You not only have a list of items, but now have information on those assets that helps rationalize and prioritize replacement needs in a facility or system – information that drives decisions.

Healthcare is changing with regulations, technology, and different demands. Hospitals and facilities all over the country are looking at creative ways to obtain value and savings for their organizations. Leveraging the data from an inventory, and combining that with insight that provides actionable information that supports financial decision making is one way to accomplish that. MERC has the experience needed to take an inventory and turn it into a tool to save money and make wise equipment management decisions. Contact us today and we can discuss developing a value-driven solution that is right for you.