2020 Mid-point MERC Milestones

Having made it over half way through 2020, we would like to take this time to share with you some relevant statistics and accomplishments we have reached.

The Medical Equipment Resources & Consulting team has now performed Estimated Remaining Useful Life (ERUL) analysis on over 212,000 assets. Whenever we perform an ERUL analysis on equipment, this metric allows us to provide our customers with the most accurate, market driven life-cycle timeframe estimate. When an ERUL is assigned to your medical equipment assets, the facility is able to better budget for future purchases as well as giving a metric that helps you plan for replacement timing.

MERC has also inventoried well over 400,000 assets in healthcare facilities. Even in dynamic healthcare environments, our team focuses on being as “low-impact” to daily operations as possible. Being professional, understanding safety and sanitation precautions, and being cautious to patient care are key factors we pride ourselves in when serving our customers. 

As of July, 2020, we have appraised over 250,000 pieces of equipment that total over $250,000,000 in value. These appraisals offer value for various business ventures and relationships in the healthcare market. Our team focuses on a multi-faceted approach to determining an accurate value of assets.  MERC provides Fair Market Valuations, Orderly Liquidation Values, Forced Liquidation Value, as well as Trade-In and Lease analyses.  

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