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Providing Solutions in a Complex Environment

What’s here?

What’s it worth?

What should we do with it?


These are the questions we’re here to answer. Whether you’re moving, expanding or liquidating, we can help. With nearly 40  years of combined experience in the medical equipment industry, we can provide a solution for most any situation.

Ultimately, we see ourselves as problem-solvers. There’s no doubt about it – the medical landscape is changing. Dramatically.

As hospitals struggle to keep up with increasing demands, many find themselves understaffed, overwhelmed and unsure of what to do when it comes to managing the thousands of pieces of equipment in their care when it’s time to make a change. That’s where we come in.

By tapping into our personal expertise, market research and proprietary database of over 45,000 equipment values, we’re able to make sound recommendations on how to maximize the economic lifespan of your equipment. Translation: We’re here to save you time, energy and money.

Once we’ve made our recommendations, we’ll work with you to put them into action from start to finish. Below are some examples of typical problems we help solve. Click on the links provided for more information:

Transition Planning & Equipment Management

Recommending future deployment of specific assets based on cost, value of asset, and estimated remaining useful life  Build plan and execute relocation of reusable assets and liquidation of surplus assets. Primary Actions: Develop comprehensive list, plan for relocation or find new owner; and, execute plans.

Medical Equipment Appraisals

Assess equipment and appraise; enabling sale, transfer, or merging of assets.  Also, use valuation to support future hold, buy, or sell decisions.  Primary Actions: Conduct an inventory assessment, create an appraisal and opinion of value.

Asset Management

Helping a hospital or other providers update their asset portfolio. Primary Actions: Conducting inventory review, tagging equipment and reconciling inventory findings to asset ledgers.

About Us

Medical Equipment Resources & Consulting

We’re MERC – a team of business enthusiasts, problem-solvers and medical industry veterans dedicated to providing healthcare providers with asset management solutions and “maniacal” customer service.

Just what exactly is “maniacal” customer service? Well, it looks something like:

  • Hopping on a plane at a moment’s notice to provide a solution for a current or new client.
  • Unloading boxes in the freezing rain the day after Christmas to help keep a project on schedule.
  • Visiting 17 sites in 9 different states over the course of 23 days to facilitate a new business relationship for a client.

But, without a doubt, our number one barometer for determining how we’re doing is the feedback we receive from our clients. And when you’re consistently told “I wish you only worked for us, and we didn’t have to share you with anybody,” you know you’re doing something right.

As cliche as it sounds, that’s really what it’s about – going above and beyond to enable clients’ to achieve their goals and providing a path to get them there. That means pro-active problem solving, consistent communication and being readily available.

Working with MERC was an outstanding experience. I have been in this business for 32 years and have never experienced such a level of professionalism as I did with Wade Byerly and his team! They were quick and concise and never got in the way of patient care. It was a great experience and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of Medical Equipment Resourcing and Consulting!

Gina Myers RN BSN, Siouxland Surgery Center

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Our Leadership

  • Wade Byerly
    Wade Byerly President

Wade Byerly is “the man with a plan.” Combining more than 25 years of experience in various aspects of the technical equipment industry, he’s developed a knack for uncovering exactly what needs to be done and creating a methodical plan for any medical equipment quandary. His background includes the acquirement, utilization and management of medical equipment in the healthcare industry; the formulation of various capital equipment programs; and the sales + marketing of said programs. He holds a bachelor’s in business administration from The University of Phoenix.

When Wade isn’t in the midst of project planning or turning copious amounts of medical equipment data into relevant information over a Central American coffee, you can find him modifying his cars and trucks, “oohing” and “aahing” over the latest performance parts. Just don’t try to talk to him during these moments – he won’t hear a word you’re saying.

Kyle Byerly is the guy you want on your team when “the going gets tough.” After competing in more than 40 NCAA Division II golf tournaments, Kyle brought his tenacity, commitment to excellence and strong work ethic to MERC in 2007. In his 10 years with the company, Kyle has developed significant expertise in medical equipment management, transition and evaluation practices. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Abilene Christian University, where he focused on marketing.

Kyle likes a good CrossFit workout of the day. When he’s not throwing around a barbell or doing burpees, he can be found on the golf course, cycling, or finding great local restaurants.

  • Kyle Byerly
    Kyle Byerly Vice President
  • Heidi Byerly
    Heidi Byerly CFO

Heidi Byerly is fondly referred to as MERC’s “air traffic control.” Because, put simply, nothing would get done without her. Heidi combines 13 years financial work experience with Colorado National Bank with 16 years IT program management experience with Radio Shack, to create an effective internal operations structure within the organization. From account management to travel itineraries to bookkeeping, Heidi does it all. When she’s not keeping the office humming, you can try to keep up with her as she cruises to various antique shops.

Lynne Ingle is a Registered Nurse that joins MERC with a tremendous background in medical equipment planning projects in hospital, clinics and ambulatory surgery settings. Her expertise in equipment planning is assisting MERC in the launch of that service line in 2018. With a strong clinical background, facility administration experience, and project planning, Lynne brings unique skills to MERC and serves as a connection point to project stakeholders.

Clinical expertise includes:
• Director of Peri-operative services for two hospital system
• Development of open heart surgery program
• Director of Quality Management in 700 bed hospital

Lynne’s home office helpers are her three beautiful Bouvier des Flanders dogs. Her and her husband enjoy getting them out on walks and training them. They have passed AKC Canine Good Citizen testing and involved in Competition Rally and Obedience Work.

  • Lynne Ingle
    Lynne Ingle Senior Director – Equipment Planning
  • Sawyer Beach
    Sawyer Beach Associate

Sawyer Beach is the newest member of the MERC team. With a background as an All-Source Intelligence Analyst for the Army National Guard, Sawyer brought his problem solving and analytical skills to MERC in 2017. He holds an Associate’s degree from Cochise College, a Bachelor’s from Purdue University, and is pursing a Master’s degree in Executive Leadership from the School of Business at Liberty University.

In Sawyer’s free time he enjoys a good workout at the gym or going for a long hike in the woods.

Our History

Fascinated – is the best word to describe my 25+ year relationship with business, in all its forms.

From cutting lawns and framing houses in high school to process mapping in business school to “managing materials” at The University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, I continued to find myself drawn to doing it right the first time and then finding a new way to do it better.

After working intimately with everything from phones to EEG machines in health science environments, I became increasingly interested in the life-cycle management of these devices. As new + improved pieces of equipment continued to be developed at warp-speed, I noticed its users were often left in the dust – confused about when to upgrade, if they really needed to and what to do with the stuff they no longer needed. So, I began asking myself:

How often can money actually be saved by replacing technology sooner?

Is there a better way to sell and move the equipment we no longer need?

Would the answers to these questions be of value to healthcare providers?

The unequivocal answer to all those questions? YES. While the revelation may not have been as prolific as the discovery of electricity via lightning strike (thanks Ben!), I knew I was onto something.

In 2007, I founded MERC with a simple vision – to channel my passion for the business of technology into an enterprise that would help healthcare providers do what they do better, by conserving financial resources and  enabling them to focus on patient care. Since its inception, MERC has added new team members and worked with a variety of providers (from small practices to large networks); partnering with them all in the understanding, evaluating and management of the 1000s of pieces of equipment in their care.

While my team and I continue to be fascinated by the new pieces of technology we learn about everyday, the best part of our work – without a doubt – is serving the people behind it. Getting invited by our clients for a cup of coffee, a church service or a simple “swing by the office” is why we do what we do. And we’d love to get to know you too!


Wade Byerly

Our Values


It’s not personal, it’s business – is a phrase you will NEVER hear from us. Because it’s not just business; it’s real life, “full contact” customer service. At the end of the day, we know we’re not just dealing with facts and numbers, we’re working with people. And our work affects those people; from patients to technicians, physicians, financial professionals and everyone in between. Which is why we strive to always treat our clients the way we would want to be treated: With honesty, courtesy and the utmost respect.


Effective progress can only be made when everyone is pulling in the same direction – on time and on budget. We believe open-communication, mutual accountability and teamwork to be the cornerstones of effective partnerships. We put this into action in a couple of ways: 1. By continually, keeping stakeholders informed throughout every step of a project’s progress (so there are no surprises and no burdens on the client to figure out what needs to be done next). And 2. Actually, working side-by-side with our clients when it comes time to translate plans into actions!.

Patient Care

At the forefront of our recommendations is always the question, “What’s best for the patient?” That is part of my DNA after 10 years of hospital working directly for providers, and is part of our corporate culture. That includes total compliance with HIPPA, supporting your Customer Satisfaction goals – anything less compromises your mission and is thus, completely unacceptable.