MERC provides Project Services, Operations Support, and Valuation Services for healthcare providers.The foundation of all of these services is our hands-on approach to acquire asset demographic information in the process of a medical equipment inventory, to assess those assets based on experience with various vintages of equipment, and to manage the project engagement methodically and timely.

Our Services

The individual service elements that fall under these three groupings have years of expertise, experience, process, and data applied to them.For example, medical equipment planning and transition planning under Project Services leverages our approach and expertise during construction events.Medical equipment inventory and reconciliation utilizes our processes and experience in providing Operations Support.Valuation Services such as medical equipment appraisal and estimated remaining useful life combine data, research and expertise for asset valuations.

Providing services based on a foundation of detailed understanding of your assets and specific needs, utilizing expertise, experience, process and data delivered in a customized, timely and affordable manner is what makes us who we are.