Medical Equipment Planning

Achieve desirable clinical outcomes with a cost-effective, quality portfolio of medical equipment.

When it comes to providing excellent care for your patients with an eye towards the bottom line, you need the best technology. We take a total approach to medical equipment planning to help find solutions that are within budget, reduce operational risk, and give your staff the necessary resources to do what they do best.

Equipment planning can be overwhelming, but when you work with us, you get a team of experienced medical planners that coordinate the needs of the clinical staff/administration, architects, vendors, and the general contractor. This results in a portfolio that is right sized in terms of costs, and is functional and sustainable when operations are ready to begin.

What We Offer

Whether it’s evaluating existing or planning new equipment, we work to make sure your project is equipped to open on time and at or below budget.

Our expert medical equipment planning services include:

  • Initial site visit for detailed evaluation of existing equipment
  • Accurate analysis and budget of new equipment needs
  • Proper and timely utility coordination to avoid costly mistakes and delays
  • Work closely with vendors to get the best price for new equipment
  • Procurement, logistics, and installation management
  • The transition of existing equipment to new facility
  • Recovered value from selling or donating surplus assets
  • Research and educate staff on new, advanced equipment
  • Serve as point-of-contact to staff, administration, architects, vendors, and contractors

Make sure your facility is ready to perform.

We understand that the proper equipment is essential for your staff to deliver quality care. That’s where we come in.

Medical Equipment Planning Team

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Making Informed Decisions About Your Medical Equipment

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  • What information you need to make the right decisions on your medical equipment.
  • Why knowing your Estimated Remaining Useful Life will save your facility money.
  • A clear example of an Assessment and ERUL.