Medical Equipment Appraisal

Mergers, joint ventures and practice acquisitions require a valuation of the enterprise(s) involved.When the valuation requirements include medical equipment appraisal, contact MERC.We have been involved in over 90 engagements of this type across the country.

After a medical equipment inventory and assessment, we appraise the asset based on research and our data of previous asset valuations.We also recommend an estimated remaining useful life (ERUL) for your subject assets.The ERUL combined with the inventory, assessment and appraisal will give you a clear picture of the specifics of the subject assets, their condition, their potential for future service, immediate and near term replacement considerations, and their value.

With MERC you can have confidence that your valuation will be performed professionally and will be based on years of experience and accumulated market information.

  • Medical Equipment & Asset Appraisal - The valuation of existing assets including medical equipment, furniture and IT equipment. Learn more about Medical Equipment & Asset Appraisal services.
  • Medical Equipment & Asset Inventory - Performing a facility wide search and accounting for medical equipment and/or other assets while collecting and documenting the demographic information for each individual item. Learn more about our Medical Equipment & Asset Inventory.
  • Assessment - Evaluating the condition of a piece of equipment based upon wear and tear, age, and state of technology. Learn more about medical equipment condition assessment.
  • Estimated Remaining Useful Life - Opinion of the remaining usability of an asset based upon its condition and 1) Still be expected to be reliable; or, 2) Not be obsolete; or, 3) Not have consumed most or all if its market value. Learn more about Estimated Remaining Useful Life of your Medical Equipment.