About Us

Our firm began as a sole proprietorship on February 23, 2007 for consulting services being provided by Wade Byerly.  A short time after starting the business, Byerly added a partner in Kyle Byerly to help formalize the structure of the company.  Medical Equipment Resources & Consulting (MERC) was formed in June 2007, shortly after the formation of parent company HLW Enterprises, Inc.  With this, a team has been assembled that understands the deployment of medical equipment and other assets in healthcare providers, whether the emphasis is on a construction project or the ongoing operational and financial management of assets.

MERC uses a hands-on approach to medical equipment consulting, leveraging the expertise of its team and bases decisions on collective experience, insight, and equipment data obtained in the inventory process.  We use this approach and expertise to provide flexible and creative solutions to typical and atypical customer needs.  Because of these characteristics, MERC has become a trusted resource to healthcare providers in resolving issues regarding their medical equipment and other assets.

These flexible and creative solutions extend to the MERC team’s ability to integrate with your team.  The hands-on approach and professional perspective enables us to fit in where you need us, whether that is for a short time or a longer engagement, leading project activities or to integrate into your team as a contributor.  Whatever role may be needed to achieve the desired result and budget, MERC takes pride in being a solution provider, not just an out of the box answer.

MERC is concerned with your organizational well being.  Results of that concern include:

  • Patient Care – At the forefront of decision making and action plans is care for the patient, including your compliance with HIPPA; anything less compromises your mission and therefore is unacceptable to us
  • Mutual Accountability – Effective progress is made when everyone pulls the same direction, on time and within budget
  • Open Communications – Mutual accountability is made possible with open communication; MERC is committed to open and frequent communications, keeping all stakeholders informed and minimizing unnecessary “noise”
  • Ethics and Integrity – We conduct our business honestly, treating our clients as we would want to be treated

Whatever the issue may be when it comes to your medical equipment, MERC is a hands-on and knowledgeable resource for you, providing solutions that are relevant and flexible to your needs, and doing so with openness and integrity.